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Willow Fencing Hurdles

Willow Fencing Hurdles are available to collect from our yard or we can deliver these to you.


The 6 foot x 6 foot (HxW) eco-friendly horizontal Willow hurdle fencing is a natural product that can be used in a variety of ways around the garden.


These willow fence panels can serve a variety of purposes because of their versatile nature. The beautifully woven design looks great in any theme of garden. These panels are perfect for complementing flower displays and sitting out areas. This fencing panel is great for creating a private area in any backyard because of the height.

The flexible nature of these willow fence panels mean that they can be cut to suit the needs of the buyer. The width can be reduced, more care is required to ensure the horizontal branches don’t become unwoven. The height can be reduced by cutting down the tops of the vertical branches.


This willow fence panel is an environmentally friendly solution for buyers looking to add the finishing touches to a sitting out area. The willow fencing is coppiced, this means that the branches used are cut from new growth only, this makes the willow more flexible for weaving. Buyers can have peace of mind knowing their willow fence has been crafted from ethically sourced willow.

Please quote 'Media Sales' when calling.

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