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Waney Panel Fencing

Waney Board Fencing is available to collect from our yard or we can deliver these to you.

You can Purchase full panels in 3 foot, 4 foot, 5 foot or 6 foot.


Costs are in our Price List. You will find our fence panel range on page 1.

Waney Lap fence panels are a cheap or budget alternative to stronger panels such as Feather board or Tongue & Groove effect and are often known as overlap fencing, lap panels, waveney or waney edge fence panels. Traditionally, these panels have been bought as a cost effective solution to a distress purchase to replace wind damaged or existing rotten boundary fencing, often installed between concrete posts.

Typically larch lap fence panels are manufactured in standardised sizes ranging from 3ft to 6ft in height and are 6ft wide. They are manufactured using thinly sawn slats that run horizontally across the lap panels. These slats run the full width of the panel and sometimes have vertical battens which hold them in place. To finish, the panel is held inside a frame that runs around the edge of the panel holding all the slats together.

The batons, waney slats and cappings are available to purchase separately if desired.

We believe garden fences are supposed to bring structure and definition to outdoor space, which is why it’s so important to choose a garden fence that complements your garden style and personality, whether its classic and timeless or modern and contemporary. The basic timber vertical slats of a close board fence represent simplicity and allow you to really experiment with your garden without it looking too lavish.


This style of fencing is basic and cost effective, known to complement a range of different home designs and garden landscapes of all shapes and sizes.

Common names for this style of fencing include Waney, Larch Lap or Waveney - though the product is identical no matter what term is used. This style of panel is formed by horizontal waney slats which partially overlap each other and fix to the rear vertical supporting wooden batons.

Please quote 'Media Sales' when calling.

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